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What is Observer Corps?

Observer Corps (OC), a long-standing LWV program, was re-established by our League for a one-year pilot in 2021.  Members who participated in the pilot felt our League  benefitted from connecting with and learning more about the work of local government, so our Observer Corps has continued as an active committee open to all LWVLA members.  
(See below for current OC assignments.)

What are the LWVLA goals for Observer Corps?
  • Promote open, transparent and accessible local governance
  • Learn about local issues, initiatives and governmental processes
  • Inform LWVLA voter education and issue advocacy efforts

What do Observer Corps members do?  

  • Choose a city, county, or school district entity to observe
  • Complete a report on the processes and business of this entity
  • Attend the monthly OC meeting for discussion of observations
  • Make recommendations to the Program Committee and/or the Board of Directors for further study or advocacy
Please let us know if you are interested in observing a La Crosse area committee, council, or board. 

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LWVLA Observer Corps Reports

La Crosse County Judiciary and Law Committee 

The Judiciary and Law Committee acts as the policy oversight committee for the Clerk of Courts; Family Court Commissioner; District Attorney; Emergency Services; Medical Examiner; Sheriff; and Mediation and Family Court Services.

Observers: Chris Haskell

La Crosse County Criminal Justice Management Council
The Criminal Justice Management Council (CJMC) acts act in an advisory capacity to the Judiciary & Law Committee, Health and Human Services board, and County Board on all aspects of the La Crosse County Criminal Justice System.

Observers: Sally King and Peter Nelson 

School District of La Crosse
School Board Meetings

Observers: Jean Hammons, Julia Jespersen, Nora Garland

La Crosse County Comprehensive County Plan:
Many Voices. One Plan.

La Crosse County’s Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee, along with county staff, are in the final stages of drafting the new Envision 2050 – Comprehensive Plan. The plan will create a vision for the future of La Crosse County and a roadmap for how we get there. To aid the review process, staff have put together synopses of each of the document’s chapters in a series of short videos. The videos provide an overview of what each chapter covers, including policy recommendations. Please click on the links below to watch the videos. PDF copies of the PowerPoint used in the videos are linked below each corresponding video.

Observers: Jan Gallagher and Jean Hammons

City of La Crosse
Comprehensive Plan

Observers: Nora Garland and Chris Haskell

Observer Corps Resources

LWV Publication
Observing Your Government: Protecting Your Right to Know 

League “observer corps” or monitoring programs are not new. Many Leagues across the country have had programs in place for decades. The goal of this publication is to document how these programs work, as well as to describe the benefits that accrue to the League as well as the public. We have compiled some “best practices” as well as provided information about how these programs can contribute to the vitality of the League.... I hope that this guide will be a valuable resource for Leagues and other community members as we all continue the vital work to keep government open and accessible to the public. Click below to read the LWV resource guide, "Observing Your Government in Action."
~Mary G. Wilson,  LWVUS president

Observing Your Government in Action