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Special Populations

The vote is precious. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society, and we must use it.
-John Lewis

If you have questions about your eligibility to vote in Wisconsin, call
608-285-2141. The full text of the WEC’s Guide to Student Residency is available here.

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Am I Eligible to Vote?

  • Voters must be registered to vote. You may register to vote at your polling place on Election Day.
  • Voters who move within 28 days  before the election must vote at the poll from their previous address (in person or by requesting an absentee ballot).
  • Voters must present a voter photo ID.
  • Voters who do not present acceptable voter photo ID may ask to cast a provisional ballot. The ballot will be counted only if the voter presents the required ID to the municipal clerk by 4 p.m. on the Friday after the election.
  • Voters must sign or make their mark on the poll book to obtain a ballot before voting. Voters who are unable to sign the poll book because of a disability are exempt from this requirement.


Can I Vote If...

I have a disability?
Information on assisting voters with disabilities is available through the Wisconsin Disability Voter Coalition.

I am currently unhoused?
The Wisconsin Elections Commission has information on how to vote if you are unhoused. Click Here.

I was formerly incarcerated or a convicted felon?
Yes, if you’re off paper. Click here to learn more.

I speak a language other than English?
A voter may require an assistor if they have problems reading or writing, have difficulty with the English language, or have a disability which prevents them from being able to mark the ballot.  After the ballot has been marked, the assistor must then sign in the space provided on the back of the ballot.  The name and address of the individual providing assistance will also be recorded on the voter list by the election inspectors.  Assistors do not need to be qualified electors and may include children who are minors or otherwise ineligible electors.

Know Your Rights Video
(with audio descriptions)


Wondering Where to Vote as a College Student?

Here are your registration options:

  • If you are registered at your current La Crosse address by 28 days before the election, you may vote using that registration even if you are living at home on Election Day.

    Once a student has established residency at a campus address, the student may vote using the student’s campus address until the student establishes a new voting residence. This is the case even if the student is temporarily away from campus and does not know their campus address for the following school year. (Wisconsin Election Commission)

  • If you are registered to vote at your current campus address, you may not register to vote at a home or different address until re‐establishing residency for 28 consecutive days prior to the election. 

  • You may register to vote from a home address if you have not yet registered to vote from a campus address.

    In that case the student’s home address is considered the permanent address for voting purposes, and the student is only temporarily away from that address during the school year. (Wisconsin Election Commission)

  • You may vote using any of the methods detailed on our Voting Options page if you are registered as a Wisconsin voter at the address you are choosing for residency by 28 days before Election Day.